What is a Brown Ting?

As black women, we are constantly fed the narrative that we deserve less and we should just accept anything that we can get; however we are not buying it and will not support such idiocracy. We created Brown Tings as an homage to all types of black women (African, African American, Caribbean, Afro-Latinas, etc). We shouldn’t accept people telling us what we can and cannot have, including luxury. No longer will we accept people negatively labeling us because of the things that we like. Luxury isn’t something that is only owned by other ethnicities and every-time a black woman expresses her interest for nice things, she’s called stuck up, materialistic, and things of the sort. That ends today and we’re not having it. Black women deserve luxury. For us, luxury isn’t limited to travel, clothes, or shoes. We want luxury even when it comes to what skincare and hair care products that we use. This isn’t the 1920s or even the 1950s where what women could or could not do was limited. There are no limits on us and we’re here for all things luxury and that is what we are as Brown Tings.

Brown Ting

| noun

An individual who is of a shade of brown.

Someone who understands the importance of taking care of their body which is God’s temple.

A person who is selective on what they consume.

An individual who has confidence.