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Rachel Emerald

Growing up, I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur but it would take time for me to partner with God to discover my passion for healthy hair and skin. My natural journey would start when I moved from Brooklyn to Atlanta in 2015. I started using natural deodorants that were free of aluminum, stopped perming my hair, and I started using skin care products free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, etc. Fast forward years later after moving to Dallas, my life had been consumed with using  even more plant based products, eating organic foods, and learning how vital it is to be aware of what you are consuming. This led me to also understand that the foods that I previously ate, had an effect on my hair and not just my skin. I use to battle with having a dry, itchy scalp. It wasn’t until I altered my diet, made quality sleep a priority, lowered my stress, and used only plant based products on my hair when I actually started seeing a change. Those internal changes that were made, started to reflect externally and that is what I desire for everyone to experience. 

Inspired by my Trinidadian background, Brown Tings was created alongside my college best-friend Genee, in celebration of black and brown women that enjoy luxury even when it comes to their skincare/hair-care products. To us, it meant that by using whipped body butter made mostly from raw Shea Butter, it would give you the feeling as if you were at the spa wearing a robe and your hair wrapped in a towel sipping on a glass of champagne. Doesn’t that just sound so delightful? I know right! Well we want each and every one of the ladies or gentlemen using our products whether that be for their hair or skin to have this exact feeling. 

Aside from everything else, I truly desire for everyone to experience freedom from issues. Whether you have a skin issue or a hair issue, life can be enjoyed at its fullest when you are not constantly reminded of a physical battle that you are facing. If I’m honest, it is a journey and chile I haven’t even made it yet but what I am doing is taking things one day at a time and doing my best to show up for myself and treat myself better with love. Join me in doing the same.



Being born and raised in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, I grew up with a go-getter mindset that caused me to search for ways to make a better life for myself. I always had multiple interests on all ends of the spectrum from music to dentistry which, as you can imagine, made it difficult for me to figure out which passion I actually wanted to pursue.  By the time I made it to college, I settled on the idea of pursuing a business degree which would allow me to learn practical skills that I could use regardless of the career path that I chose. It was there that I met my business professor who said something that really struck a chord with me. “Good business owners find solutions to problems… you can win anyone over if you have a genuine interest in them.” Little did I know this would be the backdrop that built my business.

I was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis (also known as eczema)from a very young age and eventually accepted it as a condition that I would battle with for the rest of my life. Despite using topical and oral medications as prescribed by different doctors, I only had temporary relief. In my late 20’s, I became more health conscious and discovered the harmful effects that chemicals have on the body; particularly on the skin such as causing it to thin over time. Fed up with side effects from medications, I decided to try all natural products as an alternative to manage my condition, but I learned that some of the brands that I came to trust would periodically change their formulas to include the very same artificial ingredients that I was trying to avoid. I also started to notice a link between my mental/emotional state and my skin health. During this time in my life, I started getting closer to God and really came to believe that in His love for his creation he created the earth with us in mind. What this meant to me was that he provided everything that we need for optimal health in the earth. This eventually led me to start making my own products along with my college best friend Rachel, that would feel/smell the way I wanted them to and appeal to a lady’s natural desire to be pampered. 

I love helping people with some of the very issues that I faced and creating a community of like minded people that are determined to live the way that they were created to. Brown Tings is my gift and my ministry that satisfies me deeply because I know that what I do is helping to change the overall quality of the lives of people that look just like me.

Creative Director

Estoria Dent

I decided to become a digital creator because I have always been a creative thinker.  From decking out my Myspace page, coming up with skits with my sister, and creating homemade videos with my Kodak camera. I had no option but to become not only a digital creator but an artist in my respective field. I aim for my work to evoke feelings of nostalgia, community, unity, and love. 
I am from Brooklyn, NY, and ever since I can remember I expressed myself in a creative way. I wanted to be around other creative individuals so I decided to apply to high school in Manhattan and it changed my life. The streets of Soho and Union Square were my backyard. The people there inspired me to be myself. They showcased unity, community, and individuality in an artistic way.
 My motivation is Jesus and my family. I would not be here without Jesus' unconditional love, grace, and mercy. I am nothing without Him. Also, the patience, celebratory attitude, and love of my family members, keep me going. I always have a pleasant experience using all-natural hair/skin products. I like that it is not only moisturizing, but gives you peace of mind that you are doing good to your body/hair. Believe it or not, I was selling hair butter a few years ago and it did pretty well in sales. I unfortunately stopped making them because I was in school. Many quotes inspire me but one scripture that sticks out to me the most is "My people perish for lack of knowledge" Hoesaea 4:6. I continually ask God for wisdom and knowledge throughout my life, especially as a street artist.